Mediterranean restaurant with with traditional dishes such as Hummus, dolmas, labneh, falafel, baba ghanoujj in downtown Fairhope, Alabama.
Our restaurant ambiance is for indiduals, couples, families and groups. We also see business meetings over lunch in Fairhope becoming more popular.
One of our restaurant's prefered appetizers: Hummus Trio, including our traditional hummus, kalamata olives hummus, and sriracha jalapeños hummus.
We have seen that our clients are come from long established Fairhope residents to visitors passing by!
We are proud to offer a true mediterranean restaurant in Fairhope
Our clientele range from young students to professionals working in Fairhope to families taking a break.
Hummus is made from scratch every day, this is fundamental for this delicious mediterranean dish.
Hummus, a staple Meditearranean food, is customized and enhanced with bell peppers, olives, and other vegetables and spices. This makes a gourmet huumus!
Restaurant in Fairhope offering traditional Lebanese Middle Eastern Mediterranean food.
A fusion between Baklavas and New York Cheese Cake, a delicious original gpurmet dessert.
We love to see that people from all ages come to our restaurant in Fairhope!
Tue-Sat: 11-2  &  5-9


Mediterranean & Lebanese Cuisine

319 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

(251) 517-7536
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We will be closed for Thanksgiving.
Have a great Thanksgiving with family & friends!
"Experience a unique Restaurant with a surprising blend of traditional and new Mediterranean & Lebanese cuisine flavors offered with a modern creative approach."

Authentic Mediterranean & Lebanese Restaurant Offering Traditional Dishes with a Modern Approach

Exceptional food and a unique experience with surprising flavors are a result of careful selection of the freshest and best ingredients, a perfect blend of spices, recipes that have been passed through generations, and the ability and experience in orchestrating all these into unique flavors and textures.

The perfect balance of spices, herbs and the best ingredients are a fundamental part of our Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

One good example is our Shawarma, which is marinated for 48 hours, it has 5 ingredients and 12 spices.

Another example is our traditional Lebanese Hummus, one of the most requested appetizers, and dishes in general. As simple as it may look, its recipe is the truly authentic Lebanese version (hummus recipes vary across the Mediterranean region).

To achieve the desired balance of spices, ingredients and texture requires not only the knowledge and culinary skills, but also to care.

Our hummus is a good example of our overall approach to our food, our service and our restaurant. One of our deepest satisfactions is to see how from this basic and popular appetizer, to our wraps and more sophisticated dishes, our clients get surprised by the mixture of flavors and quality of our food, as well as by our service.

Caring about what we do, our food, ambiance and our clients is not only what we value most about our restaurant - it's why we started it.

Our Story

We decided to start our restaurant from our love for food and people as a product of our cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.

Nader and Maritza decided to start Sage by joining their backgrounds, experience in business and love for outstanding authentic ethnic food, and people. Besides their backgrounds and love for food and people, they bring diverse North American, Lebanese and Latin American cultural backgrounds. All of these creates a unique culinary and personal experience. Nader started shaping his culinary background and skills by helping his grandmother cooking authentic family Lebanese food when he was a litle boy. Years of helping around the family kitchen not only allowed him to learn and experience home made Lebanese food based on century old recipes, it developed a high sense of taste, flavors, blends and an appreciation for making just the best dishes that can be made for a family. Maritza's experience and pastry studies results in a focus on the overall restaurant experience as well as creating new desserts.

They not only share their love and knowledge about food, but also they are a great operational team and they share a passion for people which we believe it's recognized everytime you visit our restaurant.

"To meet people and make them feel comfortable is a fundamental component in helping our clients have a special and more personal experience - this is something that comes absolutely natural to us."

Our Mediterranean Food mixer, a favorite appetizer.
Our restaurant has not only a friendly ambiance that welcomes groups and families, we have been told that it refelects well the culture of Fairhope.
Hummus, perhaps the most essential Mediterranean an dMiddle Eastern appetizer, now made from scratch everyday at the heart of downtown Fairhope.
When we had to select a place to put our restaurant, for us it was very important to be tight in downtown Fairhope so Sage would become part of its unique Southern Coastal culture.
Familiea are always welcomed at our restaurant! We love watching parents, kids, uncles, aunts and grandparents all having a great time.